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The Construction Resource Center (CRC) was established in 2014 with initial seed funding from eQuip Richmond, an economic revitalization initiative funded by Chevron. The goal was to provide an online and onsite educational platform that was available to assist contractors, tradespersons and future construction professionals with solutions to challenges and existing processes that typically result in a loss of revenue, business, and/or career.  With over 50 years of combined construction and business development experience, CRC leadership along with their community partners such as Alten Construction, Ghilotti Bros, Inc.,Turner Construction, Overaa Construction, Yerba Buena Engineering, offer trade tools that reduce project errors and mitigate risk; resulting in a higher earning potential.

Our Mission

The aim of the Construction Resource Center (CRC) is to Educate and inspire local construction entrepreneurs, tradespersons, and future construction professionals through our training platform. All CRC members learn how public and private sector projects work, namely,  the bidding and administrative processes, so you  are always properly prepared for each project and poised to network and market your business for greater lead generation and contract acquisition.  Our goal is to assist you in creating a business legacy for future generations by empowering you with up-to-date trade knowledge, the application of modern technology, and the tools for financial freedom.

Our Philosophy

The Construction Resource Center believes a strategic approach to business and career development results in a purpose-driven team and financial stability. Equally important is on-going education that reflects the latest industry trends so business owners and trade professionals are positioning themselves to compete on multiple levels. The Construction Resource Center recognizes this is a challenge for many. Hence, our desire is to continue providing accessible resources to assist in these efforts.