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Dedicated Hands On Training

The Construction Resource Center (CRC) provides a continuum of hands-on technical assistance to contractors, tradesperson, and future construction professionals. By providing trade-specific tools and training 24 hours / day, CRC members are able to not only learn theory and application of processes but grow their capacity and marketability.

eLearning Modules

eLearning Modules (In English and Spanish) are an effective way of delivering trade-specific information in Staff Meetings, At-home, and in the field. Each module provides detailed explanations on processes that impact daily activities and YOUR BOTTOM LINE. eLearning modules allow for “self-paced” instruction and a visual application of process. A brief assessment accompanies each module to ensure the viewer understands the main objective of each lesson. Preview sample lesson by clicking on the image.

Educational Tools

Our online Ultimate Construction Guide Series is your ultimate Business Partner. These guides will protect you and save you money. The content of each guide complements CRC classes and workshops to create a comprehensive curriculum. The step-by-step format and accompanying forms allows each reader to gain knowledge on topics from starting a business to standard operating procedures within the industry. Contractors and trade professionals have witnessed their impact to their level of efficiency in the office and in the field.

CRC Mentorship Programs

Strategic Partnerships

Construction Resource Center has an array of construction opportunities given our Strategic Partnerships and Trade Advisory Board. Bid notifications are regularly sent to CRC members for residential and commercial projects. Members can bid on various scope packages depending on their size and specialty. Members can request assistance with bid packages and meet with Estimating professionals to ensure they “cover all costs” and have a competitive bid.

Note: CRC promotes Joint Ventures in order for small and/or new businesses to build their capacity.