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These guides are for any busines with the emphasis on construction. These guides are the foundation to building a successful business. They Make The Difference In A Multi Million Dollar Business And One That Struggles To Make Ends Meet.

Mastering Agreements, Forms and Trade Processes

Purchase this guide and save THOUSANDS on ALREADY CREATED downloadable forms for the office and field.

$49.95 E-book version
$99.95 Print version

Creating Your Company Blueprint

Purchase this guide and save THOUSANDS on developing a Partnership Agreement, Buy/Sale Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement and much more.

$49.95 E-book version
$99.95 Print version

Perfecting Pre and Post Project Management

Purchase this guide and learn how to manage your business, projects and you will save money. You will also learn the Pros/Cons of joining the Union.

$49.95 E-book version
$99.95 Print version

Understanding Construction Unions

Understanding Construction Unions and Project Labor Agreements provides critical information and insights from a contractor’s perspective.

$49.95 E-book version
$99.95 Print version

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