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The Construction Resource Center (CRC) provides a continuum of hands-on technical assistance to contractors, tradesperson, and future construction professionals. By providing trade-specific tools and training 24 hours / day, CRC members are able to not only learn theory and application of processes but grow their capacity and marketability.

Job Placement and Student Internships

Job Placement gives members the opportunity to gain skills specific to the industry as well as the ability to retain competitive work. Therefore, the Construction Resource Center partners with local agencies to notify members of job openings. We work closely with pre-apprenticeship programs to identify local hires who have an interest in a variety of construction scopes from carpentry, sheet metal, solar, and electrical to project management.

Student Internships expose our youth to a variety of industry capacities that help in their career development. Our six week summer program provides on-the-job training in project management, project engineering, communication, estimating, marketing, and more. Students participate in site visits, bid walks, and contractor meetings in order to educate them on each aspect of construction development. They utilize their skills in order to assist with existing projects and a business they have created on their own. The program culminates with a presentation of how their newfound skills have helped them to operate their own businesses.

Student Work-Setting Training (“Building Professionals of Tomorrow”) – The Construction Resource Center is dedicated to creating career pathways and training students to not only acquire work but retain it. Therefore, our two-day workshop is designed to teach students how to write cover letters and resumes. We conduct mock interviews, review the standards of professional behavior as they relate to dress and grooming, inter-office communication as well as how to utilize standard office software and MORE.

Classes and Workshops

Interactive Trade Classes/Workshops  are offered on a monthly basis. These classes are open to Construction Resource Center members and include individual and group activities. Topics include but are not limited to: Blueprint Reading I and II, BIM 360, BlueBeam, Change Orders, Organizational Finances, Creating Proposals, Joint Ventures, and Estimating. Attendees receive handouts for future reference and are able to network with other contractors and trade professionals as well as General Contractor facilitators such as Turner Construction and Alten Construction.

10-Week Project Management Course is offered twice a year. The course focuses on the major components of a project from start to close. Multiple industry experts facilitate classes incorporating the fundamentals of Assessing & Mitigating Risk, Estimating, Scheduling, Calculating OH&P, Labor Rates, Safety, Industry Software, Effective Communication, Networking, and more. The curriculum is interactive and at-home assignments, in English and Spanish, include application of processes that promote effective Project Management skills and a higher earning potential.

Construction/Bidding Opportunities

Construction Resource Center has an array of construction opportunities given our Strategic Partnerships and Trade Advisory Board. Bid notifications are regularly sent to CRC members for residential and commercial projects. Members can bid on various scope packages depending on their size and specialty. Members can request assistance with bid packages and meet with Estimating professionals to ensure they “cover all costs” and have a competitive bid.

Note: CRC promotes Joint Ventures in order for small and/or new businesses to build their capacity.

Educational Tools and One on One Consultations

Our online Ultimate Construction Guide Series is your ultimate Business Partner. These guides will protect you and save you money. The content of each guide complements CRC classes and workshops to create a comprehensive curriculum. The step-by-step format and accompanying forms allows each reader to gain knowledge on topics from starting a business to standard operating procedures within the industry. Contractors and trade professionals have witnessed their impact to their level of efficiency in the office and in the field.

eLearning Modules (In English and Spanish) are an effective way of delivering trade-specific information in Staff Meetings, At-home, and in the field. Each module provides detailed explanations on processes that impact daily activities and YOUR BOTTOM LINE. eLearning modules allow for “self-paced” instruction and a visual application of process. A brief assessment accompanies each module to ensure the viewer understands the main objective of each lesson. Preview Sample lessons below.


Sample E-Learning Module English & Spanish

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One-on-One Consultations with Industry experts and CRC Staff are available for Construction Resource Center members in order to provide personal assistance in addressing current business or professional development needs. Members utilize these sessions to review and modifying contracts, compile Bids, obtain legal advice, create an internal safety plan, and/or customize trade-specific forms.    These processes have proven to reduce monetary loss, create more efficient business practices, eliminate safety hazards, and reduce delays impacting critical paths.

Note: Industry experts include Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Attorneys, Insurance Brokers, Human Resources Consultants, and Estimators.

Strategic Partnerships 

Relationships with General Contractors, Corporate Sponsors and Community Leaders are critical to our members’ success given the old adage, “IT’S WHO YOU KNOW”.

The Construction Resource Center is a community of Industry professionals such as Alten Construction, Turner Construction, Chevron, EBMUD, City of Oakland and Richmond. Collectively, we are focused on the betterment of citizens. Along with dedicated CRC staff, we all endeavor to ensure the best outcome for those who want competitive wages, secure employment, and financial stability for themselves and their families.

Our partners show their commitment to assisting  the  Resource  Center through class facilitation, hosting business match-making events, sponsoring members, and having an active presence at each of our locations They believe in growing and utilizing local talent in order to secure qualified subcontractors and trade professionals for future construction projects.

Office Space, Conference Rooms and Plan Rooms

Affordable Office Space and Conference Rooms are made available to Construction Resource Center members on an annual or semi-annual basis. The professional atmosphere is conducive for working and provides the valuable “first impression” with potential clients.

The use of small and large conference rooms also provides a convenient option for meetings. Current occupants include Ghilotti Bros, Inc. Alten Construction, the Law Offices of Edward M. Lai, and more.  Given office spaces  are  strictly  for trade-specific  businesses, it creates a “HUB” or “one-stop-shop” for potential  clients  as  well as a wonderful vehicle for networking and building relationships.

General Contractor Commitments & Mentor Programs are critical given local small contractors need added exposure and marketability with larger qualified General Contractors that have a large presence in the trade and area. As such, the Resource Center partners with McCarthy Building Companies, Ghilotti Bros, Turner Construction, and Alten Construction to provide employment and bidding opportunities to Resource Center participants.

These large General Contractors have shown their commitment to assisting  the  Resource  Center  (via  class facilitation and leasing office space) as they have witnessed  the benefit of growing  and witnessed the benefit of growing and utilizing local talent as well as building  lasting  business  relationships for future construction projects.

A Centralized Plan Room is available to all contractors. The Plan Room allows participants to view and print copies of plans from such agencies as CalTrans, Bay Area Rapid Transit, Kaiser Permanente, etc. Local contractors can view plans applicable to their scope to assist with their initial bid, Request for Information (RFI), and subsequent contract/bid changes. – All Plans should reside in the CRC’s plan room