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Lets Finish 2020 and Start 2021 Right!

How Have CRC Clients Benefited?

Strengthen Your Business Infrastructure by Equipping You and Your Team with the Needed Skills Associated with Unions, Estimating and Project Schedules.

Understanding Construction Unions and Project Labor Agreements

Have questions about Construction Unions and PLA's? Not sure where to go for reliable answers? Enroll in our Construction Unions and Project Labor Agreements course where you will understand the difference between an MLA and PLA and review the benefits of being a Union Signatory.

Learn how to count all of your costs in order to create an effective Estimate. An incorrect estimate guarantees no profit and major losses. Enroll in our Estimating; Counting All the Costs course.

Do you know the importance of creating and maintaining a project schedule? Enroll in the Gantt Schedule course to learn how to map out your project scope, resources, and tasks.

Understanding Construction Unions and Project Labor Agreements

Learn how to write in a manner that elicits a business response, solves challenges and maintains professional relationships.


A New & Better Year

10 Week Project Management Course


The new and exciting format includes a hands-on approach to each step of project management from setting up the internal document retention process, estimating, daily management, to project close.

The team of expert facilitators will walk students through each process and its accompanying form(s).

Group Activities, eLearning Modules, Construction Guides, and MORE.